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Want some bling? We have seaglass, rhinestone or sequin wristlets; add beading, gems or colored wire to sparkle and coordinate your wristlet and boutonniere together. We are now featuring LED and fiberoptic lights that you can add as an upgrade to your posey, corsage or presentation bouquet. Individualize your posey with a beaded or colorful wire handle wrap for a finished look.

Terminology: Nosegay - A handheld bouquet designed in a water source with a plastic handle. Perfect for cascades and asymetrical designs. Posey - A handtied bouquet of flowers designed round with the stems cut short. The stems are either exposed or covered with ribbon, fabric, decorative wire or beading. Presentation - A handtied bouquet designed one-sided. Think "Miss America's" rose bouquet when you think of a presentation. It is held lying across one arm with a bow and streamers. The stems are left exposed or covered with ribbon, fabric or beading.