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 Flowers by Jennie Lynne is excited to announce our in-person design classes. 


Our instructor is Heather Towne AIFD CFD who has been a florist for 30 years. She has her bachelors in Art Education from the College of New Jersey, attained her CFD (Certified Floral Designer) distinction in 2019 and was inducted into the highest distinction of AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers) accreditation in July 2022. She has taught Floral Design for over 6 years and enjoys helping new designers and flower lovers learn and practice the skills and techniques necessary to create personal arrangements in their homes.

Heather Towne AIFD CFD will lead each attendee through the design process, care and handling of flowers along with some tips and tricks in an hour long class. Each attendee will take home a fresh arrangement for their home each session. Sample Pictures will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages at the beginning of each month.

The list of dates are ready to choose from below. Please go to our Design Class Form and indicate which class and date you are interested in. You can also schedule a private class for a group of friends or family as a work party, shower or birthday gathering. Please ask for availability for those private classes.



The Floral DIY kit is $40 per class, 3 classes for $115 if you sign up for 3 at the same time.

  Flowers by Jennie Lynne will be holding floral design classes in person starting again in January 2024! Class size is 12 to 14 max. We will offer 3 to 4 classes per month to accommodate all who are interested. Most class dates will fall on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays with occasional Saturdays, this list is frequently updated with new days added and sold out classes listed, so please check your calendar when choosing your classes.

We will be meeting in the classroom in the basement of the shop, parking is in the back:
100 Trenton Road, Fairless Hills, Pa 19030.

Classes are $40 each or if you sign up for 3 classes it is $115. To sign up call 215-547-4550 or go to our Design Class Form and fill out the information form (we will then contact you).




Theme - Teacups - Blush and Bashful

Make one for you and one to give away.

May 20th, 6:30 PM - (SOLD OUT)

May 21st, 6:30pm - (SOLD OUT)



Theme - Where the Wild Things Are.

Fun with tropicals (a Neotropical blend -Tropical and Temperate flowers)

June 23rd, 3:00 PM - (SOLD OUT)

June 24th, 6:30 PM - (SOLD OUT)

June 25th, 6:30 PM - (SOLD OUT)

June 26th, 6:30pm - (SOLD OUT)


Theme - Bring Your Own Container (glass vase, basket, tin container, ceramic). We will provide the flowers for you to choose from.  A brief instruction time will be to set aside to demonstrate a floral design in a container with and without floral foam.  

Monday, July 22nd, 6:30pm (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday, July 23rd, 6:30 PM (9 SPOTS LEFT)

Wednesday, July 24th, 6:30 PM (SOLD OUT)

Sunday, July 28th, 1:00 PM (12 SPOTS LEFT)

Sunday, July 28th, 3:00 PM (5 SPOTS LEFT)

Monday, July 29th, 6:30 PM (8 SPOTS LEFT)

Tuesday, July 30th, 6:30 PM (14 SPOTS LEFT)


Theme - Beachy Theme

Monday, August 12th, 6:30 PM (12 SPOTS LEFT)

Saturday, August 17th, 1:00 PM (8 SPOTS LEFT)

Sunday, August 18th, 1:00 PM (11 SPOTS LEFT)

Sunday, August 18th, 3:00 PM (8 SPOTS LEFT)

Monday, August 19th, 6:30 PM (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday, August 20th, 6:30 PM (SOLD OUT)


Theme - Fall Vase - all the colors, all the texture and all the nostalgia that fall brings.

Monday, September 16th, 6:30 PM (12 SPOTS LEFT)

Saturday, September 21st, 1:00 PM (6 SPOTS LEFT)

Saturday, September 21st, 3:00 PM (12 SPOTS LEFT)

Sunday, September 22nd, 1:00 PM (12 SPOTS LEFT)

Sunday, September 22nd 3:00 PM (SOLD OUT)

Monday, September 23rd, 6:30 PM (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday, September 24th, 6:30 PM (SOLD OUT)


Sample Design Class Video